Know about FaceIntel Technologies

Faceintel Technologies stands at the forefront of advanced surveillance technology. Our team of esteemed security specialists and AI engineers are dedicated to promoting safety through our innovative, cloud-free AI surveillance solutions.

We take pride in our proprietary edge-based video analytics technology that processes data directly on the device, bypassing the potential vulnerabilities of traditional cloud-based systems. This not only expedites data analysis but also upholds our commitment to uncompromised security.

Our proficiency in integrating artificial intelligence into our surveillance systems allows for immediate identification and alerting of anomalies or threats, providing a tireless, intelligent defense for your peace of mind.



Constant innovation is at the heart of FaceIntel Technologies.

We are committed to ongoing technological refinement to sustain our leading position in the AI surveillance industry. Our R&D team tirelessly explores and applies the latest advancements in AI and surveillance technology.

We assure you of unparalleled security, rigorous quality, and intuitive interfaces. Our mission is to empower all our users with comprehensive control over their security systems.

Thank you for choosing FaceIntel Technologies. Together, we are redefining security.

Meet The Team


Rajesh Kandlagunta (CEO)

  • Extensive expertise as a technology leader technical Product Manager in the semiconductor industry.
  • Accumulated over 18 years of experience and ISB Alumnus of ISB, demonstrating deep understanding of the AI/ML ecosystem.
  • Acknowledged for my contributions with two patents in the domain .
  • Instrumental in driving the impressive growth of Blaize Semiconductors.
  • Joined as an early 9th employee, Playing a pivotal role in scaling the organization to unicorn status.
  • Managed a workforce of over 100 employees.

Akhil Gurram (CTO)

  • Holds a PhD from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Over a decade of industry experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Led research projects on ADAS framework implementation.
  • Expertise in domain adaptation, self-supervision, and multi-task learning techniques.
  • Proficient in handling diverse data modalities.
  • Made significant contributions to the field with ten published works.
  • Recognized and acclaimed by industry experts for published works.

Ganesh Bhokare (Technical Advisor)

  • Esteemed PhD graduate from IITB.
  • Over 23 years of industry experience
  • Track record of filing numerous patents, especially in deep learning.
  • Valuable expertise as a Technology Advisor,
  • Deep Learning specialist, and AI consultant.